Thursday, July 25, 2013

| Thrifty Thursday |

Happy Thursday y'all! In case anyone was wondering, I'm currently at home in bed watching Grey's Anatomy while the rest of the world is doing somewhat productive things [hopefully]. Ever since returning from vacation [as in literally the second I walked into my house] I've been sick. Nothing serious. Just a cold and an ear infection. Which constitutes that, in my opinion, I can act as if I have the plague until further notice. Yes, a bit dramatic, I agree, but regardless, the sickness must go on. {Really this is more of my way to cope with the recovery of my sanity after a week with the relatives}  
Any-who, I had to run to the store yesterday to get  DayQuil and my car may or may not have autopiloted itself to my favorite thrift store. {What can I say? This is called confessions of a thrift-a-holic for a reason} I didn't have a chance to thrift while out of town so I just had to stop by. 
I went in knowing that I didn't want to stay long since at the moment I have the cough of a 85 year old chain smoker. So I capped my spending at $20 and gave myself 30 minutes. 
I ended up buying 5 items for a total of $20.36 
1. Little Black Lace Skirt- Pictures don't do this skirt justice. It's super comfy. Not to mention out of the ordinary. Oh and did I mention it has POCKETS?! It's perfect! I can't wait to wear this!| $3.99

2. Yellow Purse-  I love this bag! It's so fabulous! No scratches, no marks. Only the little dis-coloring of the metal makes me think this could be old. Even the inside is clean! I couldn't pass this up! And its yellow. I hate yellow, but I can totally see myself using this purse!| $3.99

3. Orange Ralph Lauren Blouse- I love the way sleeveless button downs show off the arms and can be dressed up or dressed down. I don't wear many bright colors [Im a neutral colors kinda person for the most part] but I love this vibrant orange! And I love stepping out of my comfort zone occasionally!| $3.99

4. Pink skirt- Yet another color I rarely wear. This pink skirt caught my eye. I love the small pattern! It's such an eye catcher.| $1.98

5. Lemon Yellow/ Mint Wedges- So I still haven't decided whether or not these are lemon or mint color. Regardless they are super comfy and I love the brass studs!| $4.99

All in all I think I did a pretty well in half an hour! I'm excited to style these new pieces! Follow me on bloglovin! Feel free to leave a comment to let me know how I'm doing and leave any tips or blog advice! I'd love to get some advice from fellow bloggers and check out some new blogs! 



  1. Wow, you scored big time! I love the pink skirt. Feel better soon.

    Style of One's Own

  2. Great finds! I need to start thrifting - there seems to be some awesome deals to be found.

    Hope you feel better soon and got some R & R today.