Wednesday, July 31, 2013

|Army Green Inspiration|

This week I have been cleaning out my closet and doing a lot of reorganizing. I've been finding pieces of clothing that I have totally forgotten about and/or have never worn. I've also taken a huge chunk of clothing out to sell/give away. I found an Army green cardigan that I haven't worn in years. After checking my bloglovin account earlier this week, I was inspired to use this piece. I love the material of this cardigan because it's so flowy and soft. I paired it with a black body con skirt embellished with gold studs to give it more of an edgy feel. I wore a green patterned top (another piece I just found in my closet) to tie in the skirt and cardigan. For shoes I wore some simple metallic sandals.
Excuse my awkward hand
Here's how other bloggers styled their Army Green this week:
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This past week I've been participating in Alison from Get Your Pretty On's Summer Hair Challenge. It's been a real struggle for me not to put my crazy curly hair into a bun every morning, but I've really embraced my curls and learned to not hate them so much. I never wear my hair down curly because, due to being mixed races, part of my hair is really curly part is straighter. As a kid, my hair was all curly. As I got older it morphed into this mess of half straight, half curly hair. I figured out this week that I can just pin the straight hairs in the front back and no one would notice. I even got a few compliments this week. 
Tuesday: Half up, half down
Wednesdayday: Down
Thursday: Pony tail
Friday: Down
Saturday: Down
Sunday: Braided
Monday: Down

I mainly used these six products:
Bumble and Bumble Defrizz| 
Garnier Fructis Style- Curl Calm Down| TRESemme- Mega Firm Control|
Nuvelle- Foam Wrapping lotion|
Avlon- Leave in Conditioner| 
Conair Brush|

From left to Right:
Bumble and Bumble Defrizz| Garnier Fructis Style- Curl Calm Down|
TRESemme- Mega Firm Control| Nuvelle- Foam Wrapping lotion|
Avlon- Leave in Conditioner| Conair Brush

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

| Thrifty Thursday |

Happy Thursday y'all! In case anyone was wondering, I'm currently at home in bed watching Grey's Anatomy while the rest of the world is doing somewhat productive things [hopefully]. Ever since returning from vacation [as in literally the second I walked into my house] I've been sick. Nothing serious. Just a cold and an ear infection. Which constitutes that, in my opinion, I can act as if I have the plague until further notice. Yes, a bit dramatic, I agree, but regardless, the sickness must go on. {Really this is more of my way to cope with the recovery of my sanity after a week with the relatives}  
Any-who, I had to run to the store yesterday to get  DayQuil and my car may or may not have autopiloted itself to my favorite thrift store. {What can I say? This is called confessions of a thrift-a-holic for a reason} I didn't have a chance to thrift while out of town so I just had to stop by. 
I went in knowing that I didn't want to stay long since at the moment I have the cough of a 85 year old chain smoker. So I capped my spending at $20 and gave myself 30 minutes. 
I ended up buying 5 items for a total of $20.36 
1. Little Black Lace Skirt- Pictures don't do this skirt justice. It's super comfy. Not to mention out of the ordinary. Oh and did I mention it has POCKETS?! It's perfect! I can't wait to wear this!| $3.99

2. Yellow Purse-  I love this bag! It's so fabulous! No scratches, no marks. Only the little dis-coloring of the metal makes me think this could be old. Even the inside is clean! I couldn't pass this up! And its yellow. I hate yellow, but I can totally see myself using this purse!| $3.99

3. Orange Ralph Lauren Blouse- I love the way sleeveless button downs show off the arms and can be dressed up or dressed down. I don't wear many bright colors [Im a neutral colors kinda person for the most part] but I love this vibrant orange! And I love stepping out of my comfort zone occasionally!| $3.99

4. Pink skirt- Yet another color I rarely wear. This pink skirt caught my eye. I love the small pattern! It's such an eye catcher.| $1.98

5. Lemon Yellow/ Mint Wedges- So I still haven't decided whether or not these are lemon or mint color. Regardless they are super comfy and I love the brass studs!| $4.99

All in all I think I did a pretty well in half an hour! I'm excited to style these new pieces! Follow me on bloglovin! Feel free to leave a comment to let me know how I'm doing and leave any tips or blog advice! I'd love to get some advice from fellow bloggers and check out some new blogs! 


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

|My first 7x7|

So, I was really excited to participate in the 7x7 challenge for the first time. Unfortunately I found out I was leaving town Friday and wouldn't be able to post. Still wanting to participate, I quickly picked out 7 items and took pics. [bear with me, I was exhausted and my hair got crazy] I ended up making 24 outfits with 7 items. I used a red peplum pencil skirt, black/white striped 3/4 length top, cream lace blouse, red/navy floral maxi, chambray button down, royal blue granny pants, and a dark denim zip up strapless dress. Each item was less than $20 bought either on sale or thrifted. Unfortunately since I'm posting from my phone, I can't link up. But here's my 7x7 anyway! 
My favorite 7:
1. Jessica Simpson Dark Denim dress and red/navy skirt + gold bracelet= $17+ $2 + $4= $23
2. Black/white striped top and red/navy floral skirt +gold bracelet = $3 + $2 + $4 =$9
3. Chambray button down, black/white top, red peplum skirt + gold bracelet and white sandals =$4 + $3 + $17 + $4 + $8= $33
4. Chambray top and red peplum + white sandals +gold bracelet= $4 +$17 + $4 +$8= $33 
5. Black/White blouse and red peplum skirt +black belt + tan heels = $3 +$17 + $1 + $12= $33
6. Black/white top and royal blue granny pants + caramel penny loafers= $3 + $2 + $15= $20
Last but not least,
7. Black/white top, dark denim dress, red peplum + gold bracelet + cream pumps= $3 + $17 +$17 +$4 +$15= $56
 I have to admit outfit #7 is probably my favorite. I would never have thought to put these items together before this challenge. I think one of my favorite things about this challenge I that it have me a chance to excitement with some of my unworn clothes {ie. peplum skirt, denim dress, royal granny pants}.
 Can't wait to do another challenge! 
Hugs and Kisses, 

Monday, July 15, 2013

|Woods and Withdrawls|

I've been in the deep woods of West Virginia since late Friday night. No service, no wifi, nothing. It's great to get away but I miss all the luxuries of living in a city. I'm so glad to have gotten the chance to post today. I miss the blog world. 
I'll try to post again soon! 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

|Yellow! How may I help you? |

|Gold container $1| Smokey Mountains plate $0.50| Mint Candle holder $3| B/W Rhino $1|
|White Sugar bowl $1| Dark Green pitcher $2| Clear vase $2| Black Flower candle holder $1|
|Clear container $1| Blue/Green bowl $0.20| Silver Candle holder $2| Brown box $2|
|Silver bowl $1| Large Wood box $2| Old recipe Box $0.75| Jewelry box $2| 
I recently have been buying an assortment of knickknacks to use for decorating. I'm not quite sure why, but every time I go thrifting, I find myself in the knickknacks aisle buying another candle holder, jar, box, etc. I purchased a simple little black vanity a few weeks back. I still can't believe I only paid $7 for it! It fits perfectly in this awkward cubby of my room. I was super excited to furnish it with a few of my knickknacks, as seen in the picture below! I realized that while shopping I hadn't chosen to use only silver or only gold knickknacks. But I made it work! I decided to do one side of my vanity silver and the other gold, and put my bracelets in the containers respectively. I took a vase and filled it with an assortment of brown beads, purchased at Hobby Lobby, and I'm using it to hold my make up brushes. I filled the white sugar bowl with cotton balls and the small clear container (on the right) with alcohol, which I use for cleaning all my thrifted items. All the knickknacks pictured above were purchased for around $1-$2, with the most expensive item being $3. I'm not sure how I want to use some of these items yet, but I liked the uniqueness of each item. My whole desk/ desk top cost me under $19 {not including the mirror or ring holder hand which I've had for awhile}. 

And now for the Mother of all knickknacks! and the inspiration for this post!

I still can't believe I actually own this! I practically sprinted across the store to see this beauty. It was every bit as awesome close up as it was far away! I turned it over to examine the bottom, expecting to see a very expensive price. When I read the price, I couldn't believe my eyes! $10! How could I not get this?! I literally had no purpose for buying this. I found that it looks great sitting on the a small side table next to my big chair. Yay!

Today I wore yellow shorts and a purple patterned top. I bought the shorts a few weeks ago, being completely aware that I loathe the color yellow. I don't mind this color so much because it is a very light, almost white, lemon yellow. I was actually kind of excited to wear them because they are incredibly comfy. I wasn't sure what to wear them with. Still not sure if I love this pairing. Any ideas?

|Gap shorts: Value village $2| Target blouse: Value Village $3| Bandolino Shoes: Value Villiage $8| Perfectly messy bun: Priceless|

Do you have any amazing thrift finds? Comment below!


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

|Zig Zagg|

Hey guys! It's been super pretty where I live the past few days and not too hot either. I received my replacement screen cover in the mail today. I've been using the Zagg invisible shield for almost 2 years now and it is the absolute best screen protector. Almost everyone I know has broken their iPhone at some point and people are always asking me how I've managed to keep from breaking mine. My secret is simple. Zagg invisible shield. I started out with the original, which worked extremely well, however, after about a year of wear, it began to peel. The great thing about Zagg is that you have a lifetime warrantee! All you have to do is register your Zagg product online and you can order a replacement whenever. The Original screen cost me $30 and had both the back and front screen covers. I've kept the back on there for almost 2 years with no problems. I've replaced my front screen cover twice now. When I went order the replacement I realized that I could upgrade my screen to the Extreme screen, a $52 value, for free. After receiving the extreme screen I found that using certain types of phone cases was impossible due to the thickness of the screens outer edge. I returned to the website planning to reorder the Original, when I saw that they had an Extreme Case-Friendly! Just when I thought Zagg couldn't get any better! I love my new screen. It fits perfectly in all my cases and was pretty easy to install. I honestly can't say whether the Original or the Extreme is the best option. Both protected my phone from my constant dropping.  Zagg is definitely worth your investment. Screen replacements are very expensive and I've luckily avoided them thanks to my Zagg. [Also please note that I am not being paid to endorse this product, I am simply trying to share my experience with yall] 

 Today I am wearing my Jessica Simpson olive green shorts. I got them 2 summers ago on sale for $7. I paired them with my white linen button up and my grey, black, olive and brown chevron flats, both of which I got at Goodwill for $2.50 and $5, respectively. 
Tomorrow I will be posting some knicknacks I've picked up while thrifting and how I used them to spruce up my room.