Friday, June 21, 2013

|It's Officially summer!|

SUMMER is finally here! And today couldn't have been a more beautiful day! The sun was shinning and it was pretty and cool down here in the south, which is an absolute blessing! I went thrifting earlier this week so I will be posting another post very soon showing off what I got and how I would wear it. I felt like today was a perfect day to do my first outfit of the day post, since today is the first OFFICIAL day of summer. 
| Stonebridge skirt- $1.48 (Value Villiage)|
|          F21 blouse- $5.00 (Platos closet)|
|  Perry Ellis purse - $3.00 (Value Villiage)|
|   Earrings (given to me by my grandma)| 
|       Birkenstocks - $?                           |

Happy thrifting! 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

|Since You've Been Gone|

I know I haven't posted since my first post. I've been so busy with work recently and haven't had time to stop and post! I promise to try harder to make time to post more often. So here's an update on this past month's happenings:
Dinner Outfit
Dress: $3.50 (Value Village)
Purse: $1 (Yard Sale)
Shoes: $16 (Target)

Graduation party Outfit
Dress: $4 (Value Village)
Belt: $15 (Unclaimed Baggage)

I've been looking for a ridiculous snap back/ fitted cap for quite some time now! This one is just priceless! 
NY Fitted Cap: $2 (goodwill)
This summer has been crazy packed between work and volunteering but I did manage to squeeze in some time to go to the Drive Thru Zoo! So much fun!
Zebras are my favorite!! :D
Mama and baby dear! Too cute!
Stubborn Bull refused to move out of the road-- EEK!
Got bit while feeding the turtles! Ouch!
It's not everyday that you can say a llama tried to get into your car! 
Other than getting bit by a turtle, it was a very fun trip! I will definitely be visiting again. But maybe next time I'll skip feeding the turtles... 
It really hurt! 

Until next time,